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5 Reasons Your Kids Should Train?

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Train?

There is so much floating around these days about how Training for Kids! At Absolute Performance Training we believe regardless of whether we are looking to improve health, fitness, and even performance in sports, our kids need 60min minimum per day of good physical activity to stay healthy physically and mentally. Nowadays, we have so much research about the benefits of training for young athletes! 

Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic, stating that athletes as young as 7 can benefit from a proper training routine!

But, here are our 5 reasons your athlete should train!

  1. Build Self-Confidence: This is probably the most notable and fastest result that kids in our D2/CrossFit Kids program will see. It is also possibly the most relevant to your kid’s ability to grow as a person and athlete. At Absolute Performance, our kids program combines sports performance and CrossFit kids which encourages athletes to attempt new challenges, skills, and even social interactions that will help them grow and gain confidence!
  2. Enhanced School Performance/Builds Healthier Lifestyle: Several studies have shown that exercise helps students perform in the classroom! Improved cognitive function and concentration are direct results from training programs for kids. In addition, our kids learn the importance of building healthy habits. We do it in a way that allows for kids to challenge the way they eat, sleep, and drink water!
  3. Improved Athletic Performance: The more training kids can get in between or even during seasons the more results they will get. Included in the program daily are opportunities to work on and improve: Speed, agility, coordination, balance, running mechanics, strength, power, accuracy, and so much more.
  4. Keeps Kids Away from Technology and Improves Creativity: In the CrossFit Kids/D2 Program at Absolute Performance we include so much from running, calisthenics, rowing, jump rope, PROPER use of resistance training, and much more. This allows athletes to challenge themselves and others physically and mentally! 
  5. It’s Just Plain FUN: This modern form of functional fitness has so many dimensions and skills to work on, that it challenges athletes with something different everyday. As the kids become connected to their coaches and the other kids in the program, it becomes the BEST HOUR OF THEIR DAY.

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Get the most out of your training and fitness! At Absolute Performance we provide fitness and nutrition coaching for all levels. You do not need to be fit to start! Moms, Dads and children, we welcome you to meet the team.



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