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A Beginner’s Guide to the CrossFit Open

CrossFit Athlete doing a kettlebell swing

What is the CrossFit Open? The CrossFit Open stands as the first stage of the CrossFit Games season, a global online competition that welcomes all athletes regardless or age, skill level, or ability, just like CrossFit itself!!! It consists of 3 workouts over the course of 3 weeks. The workout comes out on a Thursday afternoon and the majority of athletes around the world complete the workouts in their gyms between Thursday and Monday evening! It is truly an amazing opportunity to test yourself, elevate these around you, and just witness people doing amazing things they maybe never thought possible before starting CrossFit!

Why Should Beginners Participate? You might be thinking, “Is the CrossFit Open for people like me?” Absolutely! The Open embodies inclusivity, fostering community, and personal growth. For beginners, it’s an empowering opportunity to set new benchmarks, celebrate milestones, and build relationships through positive environments!!

Participating in the CrossFit Open: Once the CrossFit Open begins, it’s time to seize the moment and showcase your hard work. Here’s how to make the ABSOLUTE best out of the CrossFit Open:

  1. Foster Community Spirit: DO THE WORKOUTS. ATTEND THE EVENTS (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) Every Friday during the open 5:30-6:30pm come and join our party while we cheer each other on in the spirit of competition. Embrace camaraderie and draw motivation from fellow participants.
  2. Revel in the Challenge: While Open workouts are both mentally and physically challenging, approach them with a positive mindset and remember that’s why your hear, to prove to yourself that you can do hard things!!!!. Embrace the thrill of the competition and relish the opportunity to push your limits.
  3. Scale Smartly: Treat the workouts the same way you would in a class setting with proper mechanics and consistency before crushing the intensity! If you are not sure, ask a coach!
  4. Submit Scores Promptly: Following each workout, promptly log your scores online before the submission deadline. Your participation fuels the collective energy of the global CrossFit community.

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