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Do I have time to commit? Am I fit enough to start? Can I afford this? Will I succeed? Will it be worth it? What if I don’t make it? How do I start? What if I can’t make it through a class? What about my injuries? Will people judge me? Will this be a waste of money? I’m not a “gym person”. How many days do I have to go to see results? Is this going to be hard? Will I get too bulky? Is this going to help me lose weight? Will people judge me? Will I succeed? Will it be worth it? What if I don’t make it? How do I start? Do I have time to commit? Am I fit enough to start? Can I afford this?


We’re here to help you love working out again.

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Our CrossFit classes are designed to deliver a great workout whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or already love working out.

Athletic Performance

Whether you want to become faster, stronger, more explosive, or all of the above - AP has the program for you!

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Work with a coach, get a customized training program and stay accountable with personal training.

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success stories

Brian C.
Brian C.
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"I lost 80lbs and have kept it off with the help of AP" AP has been amazing in my transformation.

Consistently giving me the guidance and accountability to become the best version of myself – Thank You!

Anai C.
Anai C.
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"I look forward to going daily!" "AP has been an amazing place for me. The transformation is just the beginning."

“The people make this place somewhere I look forward to going daily!”

Elaine G.
Elaine G.
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"I never thought I could do it!" "I have never considered myself to be an athlete and I hate to exercise."

“I LOVE coming to AP because the coaches and other athletes have helped me discover things I never thought I could do. I now schedule all my appointments and activities around the gym”



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