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3 Tips on Using Bracing for Better Performance & Health

Whether you want to improve performance in Sports, Training, your CrossFit workouts, or even just have less pain/tightness on a daily basis, learning how to BRACE and Breath correctly can have huge benefits. To start: What is Bracing? Bracing is a term or a cue to help create stability in

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5 Tips for Goal Setting/Achieving in 2023!

With the New Year less than a week away, everyone is thinking about goals. New Year, new me…right? To Start off, some of the best advice regarding setting and achieving goals, is to start right away. Don’t wait until the new year, a new month, don’t even wait until a

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3 Ways to Reduce Injuries and Recover Faster

Today’s sports are all about creating competitive advantages. That can be from increasing speed, recovery, reducing the risk of injuries, and even sport specific training. Let’s be honest, now more than ever our athletes have more demands on them from practices, tournaments, and even sport specific coaches or skill work.

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