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What is CrossFit?

By Definition CrossFit, as a program, is Constantly varied, functional movements, at relatively high intensity. It’s a program that you can use to Build Muscle, Lose Weight, Get Fitter, Become a Better Athlete, Become Healthier, and even (and maybe most importantly) meet some amazing people to workout with!

But CrossFit the community and workouts are SO MUCH MORE! 

Let me tell you about it! 

As a fitness program, no workout could be better to develop so many attributes at one time:

  • Endurance
  • Strength 
  • Speed
  • Agility 
  • Core Strength
  • Power
  • And so much more

At its core, CrossFit mixes so many different types of training. By using weightlifting, powerlifting, rowing, biking, running, jump rope, bodyweight/gymnastics, and more, CrossFit can accomplish so many of our goals while also focusing on overall health and wellness inside and out of the gym!  

But this is not what makes CrossFit special or even successful for those involved. Anyone who belongs to a CrossFit gym will tell you what the real secret to success is the COMMUNITY! It’s being a part of a team, of a family, working out together, getting great coaching, sweating and continuously bettering yourself and everyone around you day in and day out. 

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CrossFit is for anyone! And this is also what makes it so special. CrossFit Athletes come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. At CrossFit AP, might have a 22yr old working out alongside a 65 year old. They are both pushing each other, laughing, and making themselves and those around them better everyday! They might even be trash talking a little bit too lol! 

It Doesn’t matter if you’re the fittest athletes on earth or someone who hasn’t worked out in years or EVER! There is an option for you that will fit you right where you are in your fitness journey! 

At CrossFit AP, in Buffalo, NY, we are striving to make your time in the gym the BEST HOUR OF YOUR DAY! If you have more fun in the gym with coaches, friends, and like minded people, you will be consistent and with consistency + effort comes results! So what are you waiting for…

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A Beginner’s Guide to the CrossFit Open

Intro: Welcome to the electrifying realm of CrossFit, where fitness meets camaraderie, and competition fuels passion. If you’re a newcomer to CrossFit, you’ve likely heard


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