What is ROMWOD?

ROMWOD is an acronym for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day!

Still confused…

Well, ever have that feeling when you’re front squatting or cleaning and your coach cues you to keep your elbows up and you tell your coach “THIS IS ALL I GOT COACH!”. If that sounds like you then here is how to fix that! As important as it is to be strong and lift heavy weights it is equally as important to be able to allow your joints to move through the proper range of motion. With limited mobility, it can be holding you back from your true potential. Whether your goal is to increase strength, power, or overall athleticism. Mobility is important for your ligaments and tendon health to increase plasticity.

ROMWOD is a great resource that guides you through different movements to hold for an extended period of time. This is a great way to end your CrossFit class or right before you go to bed. It puts your body into a resting state. This will help you recover from your workouts and help you fall asleep. 

Which is why we recommend our athletes to focus on mobility at least 3x/week if not more. 

For more information and log in to ROMWOD contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Phone:(716) 634-1329


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