Job Opportunities at Absolute Performance Training

We have two opportunities to build your career and education in the fitness industry: Internships & Job Opportunities


An internship at Absolute Performance can help prepare you for just about any job in the health and fitness industry, including the possibility of joining our performance team. Many of our interns are now leading the way in the field as established physical therapists, division 1, 2, and 3 strength and conditioning coaches, gym owners, chiropractors, and physical prep coaches.

Our Internship consists of between 12 and 16-week increments of hands-on learning, depending on time of year.

What You Will Get From an Internship at AP:

  • Learn how how to properly cue athletes, lead warm-ups/training sessions, program, and our individualized assessment process
  • Hands-on interaction with members
  • Interns are provided weekly articles, assignments, and staff in-services focusing on a variety of topics in the health and fitness industry
  • Each week we focus on a different aspect of building a more complete coach and therefore allowing you to build more complete athletes and members
  • Research and Presentations
  • We expect our interns to have passion, eagerness to learn, good listening skills, read frequently, and to ask a ton of questions.

By the end of your internship, you will be well versed in the assessing, programming, training, and general management of athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Why   Choose   AP   for   an   Internship:

  • Highly skilled and motivated staff.

  • Access to PT, DC, LMT on staff to learn from and connect with.

  • Wide variety of athletes (rehab, sports performance, CrossFit, power lifting, weight loss, general fitness, personal training)

  • Hands-on learning.

  • Ability to apply training to not only others but yourself as well and learn how to increase your fitness/performance level.

  • You will learn from a wide variety of training variations and programs.



  • Commitment to 12-16 weeks (depending on time of year) of hands-on learning that will challenge you every step of the way

  • Minimum commitment to 30 hours per week

  • Desire to better yourselves and those around you regardless of age and skill level

  • Degree or Pursuing Degree preferred (but not necessary)

  • We want good, hard-working people who we can help mold into the future of not only this facility, but this industry as well​​​​


Email the following information to (Subject line must read internship and which time of year):

  1. Fall 16 weeks

  2. Spring 16 weeks

  3. Summer 12 weeks

  4. Cover Letter that includes how you heard about us and why you want to complete an internship with us

  5. Resume with at least 2 professional references

Our internship program grows each and every year with more and more amazing former team members continuing on as amazing professionals within the health and fitness field.  With over 20 past team members going on to become physical therapists both locally and around the country, below is a list of a few of the organizations that coaches have gone on to work with post internship



We’re always looking to build our team of Caring, Honest, and Driven coaches. Minimum requirements are:

  • B.S. Exercise Science or Equivalent
  • CF-L1 or CSCS
  • and 300-600 hours of coaching experience or equivalent client-facing customer service experience.
  • If you do not possess the requisite education or experience, we recommend you start by going through our internship process.

We’re always seeking applicants. Email your 1-page resume, cover letter, and 3 references to

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