How Do I Lose Fat?

The answer here is there is no “best way” just as we believe there is no one training program and nutrition program for everyone. Each of us is different and because of that the more personalized a program can become the better the results.

At AP we are all about individualization, even within a group environment. In addition to proper training, nutrition, sleep, and even stress (YES STRESS) play a huge role in the reduction of body fat. We will help work with you on all of these areas and a commitment to work hard and see results that will last with proper lifestyle changes.

No quick fixes here, as most quick fat loss programs usually result in unhealthy changes that end up reversing in a short time with negative side effects. If you want to see a change you have to be the change and be ready to put in good quality work and make some small, but effective lifestyle changes that will lead to a healthier and happier life.