What is CrossFit?

By Definition CrossFit, as a program, is Constantly varied, functional movements, at relatively high intensity. It’s a program that you can use to Build Muscle, Lose Weight, Get Fitter, Become a Better Athlete, Become Healthier, and even (and maybe most importantly) meet some amazing people to workout with! But CrossFit the

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Why CrossFit?

Crossfit is this all encompassing workout program that incorporates: Strength training Endurance training HIIT (high intensity interval training) Olympic Lifting  Muscle building Weight loss CrossFit integrates all aspects of physical fitness and ties it all into one program. Whatever your goals are and no matter how many times you change

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What is ROMWOD? ROMWOD is an acronym for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day! Still confused… Well, ever have that feeling when you’re front squatting or cleaning and your coach cues you to keep your elbows up and you tell your coach “THIS IS ALL I GOT COACH!”. If

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3 Ways to Increase Speed

In today’s age the name of the game is Speed. Regardless of sport or age athletes at all levels are looking for new ways to

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Train?

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Train? There is so much floating around these days about how Training for Kids! At Absolute Performance Training we believe


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