4 Tips to Have a Fit Fourth

4 Steps to a Fit Fourth


The Fourth of July usually means hot dogs, alcohol, and lots of desserts. For someone trying to stay on track with their fitness, this may be a challenging temptation but, it doesn’t have to be! Small efforts to stay healthy can help to keep you on track while allowing you to still enjoy your time with family and friends. 

  • Eat and Drink Water Before You Go

Make sure not to skip breakfast before you head to the party. Having a breakfast with protein and veggies will help to lower your insulin levels and keep cravings at bay for the rest of the day. With breakfast, don’t forget to drink at least 8oz of water to keep yourself hydrated while outside in the sun. Even better, fill up your favorite water bottle  and bring it with you to the party. If you think you’ll be tempted by soda, add some frozen fruit or lemon to give your water some sweetness!


  1. Portion Control and Clean Substitutes

The good news is that you don’t have to deprive yourself from the delicious foods everyone else is eating! Before grabbing a plate, take a lap around the table to see what foods are available. This will set you up with a game plan. When loading your plate, stick to the lean, grilled proteins, green salads, veggies, and fruits; in smaller portions add your favorite treat foods. The same principle goes for desserts. Stick to the fruits and have a smaller portion of the baked goods. With this, you can fuel your body and still enjoy the treats that are available.  


  1. Keep Moving

Most parties will have lawn games, swimming, or even spaces to just stand and talk. Take advantage of those opportunities to stay active and have fun outside of the gym. Make an active effort to stay away from sitting around the whole day. Small changes like standing instead of sitting can be a difference of 120 cal burned! That’s a long time on the assault bike. 


  1. Switch Between Water and Alcohol

We have all gone to a party sure that we will keep our drinking under control then wake up the next morning feeling bloated, hungover, and full of regret. Easiest way to stay away from this is to alternate water with every alcoholic beverage. You will stay hydrated and consume far less calories. In addition to the water, stay away from sugary drinks and choose a lighter beer, seltzer, or liquor mixed with seltzer.

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